FC Podcast: Catching Up With FC Alum Lexi Robles

Listen in as Tony Rico catches up with Firecracker alum Lexi Robles as they talk about her FC days, as well as what it was like playing college ball in the big apple.

FC Podcast: Tony Rico with Melissa Roth and Amanda Freed Katchka

Listen in as Melissa and Amanda talk about their recruiting experiences as well as the new slapping rule in the NCAA. Their stories should help ease the minds of those who might be concerned that junior year recruiting might be too late.

Let's Talk About... Suicide Prevention

Tony Rico talks with Firecracker mom, Jolissa Hebard, who delivers some powerful education regarding what we can do to help those who need help coping with life.

Let's Talk About... The TAP Test with Rob Pike

Tony sits down with Rob Pike, creator of the TAP Test, a mental assessment test for athletes. Listen in as Rob and Tony discuss the functions of the TAP Test and how understanding a players' mental game can enhance their performance and make them more marketable to colleges.  Derek Allister of OnDeck Softball also joins the podcast via telephone.

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Let's Talk About... Diamond Kinetics

Listen to Tony and Joey August of Diamond Kinetics as they talk about the value of D.K. and Axon Sports to our organization, and how this will affect the future of training for ambitious players.

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Let's Talk About...Softball, Catching, and Life with Janelle Lindvall

Tony sits down with FC and Oregon Duck standout player Janelle Lindvall. Janelle talks about life, and what her experiences were like as a Firecracker and Oregon Duck.

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Let's Talk About... Pitchers' Health

Softball injuries are on the rise, particularly among pitchers.  Every pitcher throws differently and trains differently so knowing the exact cause is impossible.  Amanda Freed Katchka and Tony Rico sit down and talk about what they see and try to identify a few key areas to look at that might help prevent some of these sidelining injuries.


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Let's Talk About...The Fear of Recruiting

Tony and Mel talk about what haunts players during the recruiting process. They are joined by Brentt Eads of FloSoftball, who's opinion is always a welcomed one.

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Chamberlain and Lahners Talk About the Softball Journey

Lauren Chamberlain and Kylee Lahners stopped by our studio to talk about their days as Firecrackers and NCAA All-Americans. Listen in as they share valuable insight with our current Firecrackers.

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Let's Talk About... Our Teammates

Building a strong team culture is imperative to each successful season.  Having a  genuine interest in your teammates will directly affect your own success, increase team camaraderie as a whole, and improve your team's overall likability which could lead to more recruiting opportunities! The best teams are made up of the best teammates.  Tony Rico and Amanda Freed sit down and talk about the state of our dugouts and what it looks like to be a good teammate.


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