Building a healthy Firecracker culture is the most important thing for each FC team to establish. We teach our teams that a great team performance and experience comes as a result of an environment that people want to be part of and thrive in.  Once that foundation of great energy and happiness is built, everything else seems to fall into place.

Currently there is no better example of this culture than our own Firecrackers Ryono, a fourteen and under team based out of Southern California, who just came aboard this past fall. The success that this team has experienced so far includes winning four out of five tournament championships, with the most prestigious win earning them a paid berth and spot in the coveted Colorado Fireworks Power Pool. What’s unique about this group when you compare it to most other winning teams, is that they are extremely humble and supportive of each other, from their head coach Don Ryono, all the way down their entire roster. Grace and humility are hard to find in a lot of winning teams.

Listen to this podcast that Coach Tony did with a few of the girls from FC Ryono last fall and hear what we are talking about when we describe a humble, winning team. It’s something that can be obtained by everyone!

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