Families looking for a new Christmas movie to watch every year will have to look no further. Netflix recently dropped their latest Christmas release starring Kurt Russell as St. Nick himself in The Christmas Chronicles. The film tells the story of two siblings who must help Santa save Christmas after they crash Santa’s sleigh. Kurt Russell leads this mostly unknown cast that also features appearances by Lamorne Morris and Goldie Hawn.

From start to finish, The Christmas Chronicles is loads of fun while also filled with lots of heart. Kurt Russell embodies the role of Santa Claus unlike anyone before him. Much like the children in the film, you will want to believe in Santa Claus again thanks to his memorable performance. While Russell provides mostly the humor aspect to the film, it is the lead sibling characters played by Judah Lewis and Darby Camp who provide the true heart of the movie as two squabbling siblings working together to save Christmas and reignite their Christmas spirit after losing their father earlier in the year.

During this holiday season, I can think of nothing better to watch Christmas morning while opening presents with the family than this movie. Balancing tones extremely well, there is a lot to enjoy for younger and older fans. Laughs will be had and tears will be shed thanks to proper storytelling and charming on-screen performances led by one of films most beloved actors. So start up the fire and gather up the loved ones to enjoy what is sure to be a modern Christmas classic.

The Christmas Chronicles is currently streaming on Netflix.