If you’re looking for something on HBO to watch in your free time, my latest pick for you comes from the incredibly talented duo Flight of the Conchords as they return to HBO for a live special from London, England. Having their notoriety come mostly from their famed self-titled HBO series, the comedy folk duo returned to the network for the first time in 13 years to deliver a 90minute concert special. 

The duo proves they haven’t lost a step when it comes to their musical talents or perfecting the New Zealand style of humor. Combining a mix of their old hits with their new, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie prove they’re two of the most underrated musicians out there despite their comedic backgrounds. 

Jemaine and Bret never cease to provide beautiful melodies with hilarious stories and jokes to make for a perfectly enjoyable show for all to enjoy. From their humor to their musical talent to their abilities to mix that talent with hilarious comedic timing, this special is sure to keep you laughing while also tapping your foot to the incredible music talents of both men. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the greatest solo using recorders ever seen in a concert special. Just another example that shows how well the duo mixes music with comedy while impressing music lovers everywhere.

You can currently find the latest special on HBO GO or HBO NOW if you are a subscriber to either service.