We have been working around the clock to structure all of our FC content and information so that we maximize the opportunity we have in front of us. We want to build a stronger relationship with you by delivering the full value of being a Firecracker. By the time we all hit the field, I promise those of you who put in the time will see the benefits by the summer.

On a scale from 1-10, how do you, as a player or team, compare to the Firecracker standard set before you? If reaching that standard is as important to you as it is to us, then now is the time to implement the ingredients of the Firecracker “system”.

We will be sending out lessons weekly to you from FC OnDemand to pass on to your players. They are structured like assignments with a task or quiz at the end.

This starts right here, right now, by capturing our players’ self-image.

Exercise #1 Capture Who You Are is below


Coaches: Send out to all your players immediately

A lesson on FC Fielding is coming tomorrow, so don’t fall behind.