When Breaking Bad ended it’s epic five-season run on AMC in 2013, the series not only left us with closure for some of its main characters but also left us asking questions about the fate of other characters we had grown to love. Six years later, show creator Vince Gilligan finally answers what’s probably the biggest looming question that was on every fan’s mind: What happened to Jesse Pinkman after he escaped his imprisonment? El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is the epilogue we’ve been waiting for.

Aaron Paul returns to the role of his career, this time in a feature film form, and doesn’t miss a beat in the time that he has been away from the Jesse Pinkman character. Aaron Paul has suffered from bad projects in his career after Jesse, but playing the character in a story centered solely around him shows he is capable of being a worthy leading man if given the right material. The film also features returning supporting characters such as Skinny Pete and Badger, Jesse’s drug-dealing friends played by Matt Jones and Charles Baker respectively, as well as Jesse Plemmons, who played the sadistic character, Todd. El Camino is also notable for being the final role of actor Robert Forster’s career, as he died on the day the film was released worldwide.

When it comes to the overall story format, I really enjoyed how the film balanced itself out with present-day scenes, in which the main events take place in only a couple days’ time at most, and flashbacks, which helped provide insights into Jesse’s current psyche and present-day plot points. Gilligan, who is making his feature film debut as a director and producer, does a great job bringing the unique Breaking Bad style to the film, making the movie feel like an extended episode of the hit show with a much higher production budget. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie serves as a wonderful, thrilling and ultimately satisfying epilogue to what is arguably the greatest television series of all time.